Lightning 12 Setup from 2014 ROAR Carpet Nationals

I was in Omaha, NE this past week for the 2014 ROAR Carpet Nationals, where I raced both mod 12th and mod sedan.  Traction was a little weird, especially with rubber tire, but 12th wasn’t too horrible.  The biggest thing just seemed to be that tire wear was pretty high and people would start losing rear tire grip by minute six or so.  As such, most of the focus once we got there was on making the car keep traction for a full eight minutes, and then try to add steering.  To that end, I took some angle out of the center shock, doped the rears for a ridiculous amount of time, and tried to make the rear as soft as possible.

Traction was better by the time the mains rolled around, which meant that on Sunday I was just trying to add steering so I could be a bit more aggressive and carry more corner speed.  Unfortunately I didn’t quite get it figured out in time to really be a factor, but it was still a lot of fun racing and great prep for MHIC in April.  I unfortunately had some issues with backmarkers and Rick H’s horrible-looking car in the last of the mains, which meant I retired with a DNF rather than the third place I was running in at the time of the ‘incident’.  Oh well, such is racing, now I have more motivation to try and lay it down at MHIC!

The weekend ended well, though, with Dave getting third overall in modified 12th!  It was great for him to be able to be on the podium after he had a great A3, especially after VBC also had a podium at IIC with Max K.

Without further ado, here is my setup sheet: