D06 Setup from ROAR Carpet Nationals in Omaha

I have finally completed a setup sheet from my D06 at Carpet Nationals in Omaha.  Right off the bat I would like to say that the tires were really horrible.  The rubber was incredibly hard and there was essentially no air-gap between the rubber and the insert.  As such, they really didn’t generate a lot of grip.  It was bad enough that a lot of people were using tire warmers just to try and get the tires to work, which is pretty uncommon at a big carpet race.  With this in mind, here are some changes I made from my previous setups:

– I removed the .5 mm shims that were under the toe blocks, so all of the blocks (F & R) were slammed on the chassis.   This was primarily done to try and generate more mechanical grip.

– After my first couple runs with these tires (and several sets of them) I noticed that on all four corners I had a couple mm of space on the outside edge of the tire that wasn’t wearing at all.  As such, I reduced camber to try and get a bigger contact patch.  They started to wear better, but it honestly didn’t make the car feel a whole lot different.

– I stayed with 2k in the rear diff because it seemed like with 3k the rear end would step out coming out of the corner.  2k helped calm that down.  I was lacking on-power steering the whole weekend, so 3k would have been nice, but it was significantly more difficult to drive in the infield.  Trade-offs, and I maybe could have used 3k for the mains when traction started to feel better, but I don’t think it made that big of a difference for me, personally.

I was pitting in the midst of Team Awesomatix, which meant that while I learned a lot about tire preparation and general driving, I didn’t get a chance to really learn a lot about chassis setup on a ‘classical’ sedan chassis.  Hopefully with Max K attending MHIC I will be able to learn more, but for now I consider Nats to have been good driving experience but not much of a learning experience for sedan setup.  12th was the complete opposite of that, since Ehrlich and I were trying stuff all week long, but sedan was mainly just about driving experience.  Overall still a great time, and I somehow now have an A-main finish at Nationals in Mod Sedan.  How bizarre.

Here is the setup sheet: