Lightning 12 Setup from E-Plex Extreme Carpet Race

This past weekend was the Extreme Carpet Challenge/Race, hosted by the E-Team Hobbyplex here in Fort Collins, CO.  Brian Wynn (Dumper) from Team CRC was the guest driver for this race and we also had a strong showing from regional drivers, such as the recently-crowned stock sedan ROAR national champ, Kyle Klingforth.  I ran 13.5 12th and stock sedan at this race, with my primary goal being a win in 13.5 12th.  I had bad luck in nearly all of the qualifiers with backmarkers and bad driving on my part, which meant that I only qualified 2nd behind Brian (nearly a lap down!)  In the main, though, it was Dumper’s turn for bad luck with traffic and he got tangled with a backmarker after about three laps.  This let me get around, and I pushed really hard for a minute or so to open up a ~2 second gap.  I then just maintained the gap for the remainder of the race, with only one slight bobble late in the race with a backmarker, which wasn’t enough to be of concern.  Very happy to win, especially since this was the only class Brian entered that he didn’t win!

My Lightning 12 setup sheet from this race is here:


It is pretty similar to what I have run before, just with a softer center spring and a different tire combination.  The car was very good!

Don’t even ask about stock sedan.  The car was good but I couldn’t figure out the changes to make to get it any faster, so I ran a little off-pace compared to the Awesomatix crew that is dominating CO right now.  Not any setup that I would want to share, unfortunately.