Sponsor Focus: Protoform

In an attempt to add more content to this site, I have decided to start doing Sponsor Focus posts where I will discuss each of my sponsors in turn and the products I use from them, respectively.

For the first installation, I figure I would start with the latest!  I am incredibly excited to announce Protoform as a new sponsor for 2014 and (hopefully) beyond!  I had the opportunity to meet Dale and Eric at IIC in 2013 and got along with them really well, especially because I had spoken to Dale previously about Canada and my experiences in St Catharines.  After a couple more races with A-main results, Eric offered me a spot with Protoform and here I am now!

The Protoform products I use are all pretty straight-forward, but I will step through them anyway just in case anyone is curious.


Protoform AMR-12

I exclusively use the AMR-12 for modified 12th scale (and even stock or super stock.)  I think it is pretty much the de facto choice these days for carpet modified 12th racing, as it offers the best all-around combination of steering and stability.  The only thing I would add about this is that I trim the rear of my bodies down so that the lexan behind the wheel is much smaller and the wing is a lot more flexible.  This is one of those details that Josh taught me and I have copied ever since, so you will notice it on his 12th bodies as well.  In fact, I think I used one of his race bodies as the original guide I have used for all of my bodies since!   By trimming down the rear of the body it lets the car rotate better and the softer wing reduces downforce, in turn giving the car more steering.  Here are some pictures to show how I trim the rear of the body:

20140702_103040 20140702_103124



Protoform LTC-R

I have been using the LTC-R for outdoor asphalt sedan racing, although I am planning on trying the new Mazda6 GX here soon!  I find that the LTC-R has a great combination of steering and stability that makes it another one of those ‘standards’ for asphalt modified sedan.  I don’t do anything really special with this body; most of the interesting stuff with sedan has to do with the wing.  Probably the only thing worth mentioning is that I always try and run my cars as close as possible to the minimum roof height, which means the front splitter has to be trimmed down to almost nothing in order to keep it from rubbing under braking.  Don’t cut the front splitter off completely, though, as it will make the car have a lot of understeer!


Protoform MazdaSpeed6

I use the MazdaSpeed6 pretty much exclusively for indoor carpet racing with modified sedan, as I find the LTC-R too aggressive for mod sedan.  By playing around with wing choice (talked about later) I can get the Speed6 to have the right amount of steering and stability without making the car really difficult to drive, which is really crucial with mod.  As with the LTC-R, I don’t really do anything special with the Speed6 other than trim the front splitter down to almost nothing so it won’t rub.


Protoform Pro-TC Wing Kit

I started using the new PF wing kit when they first released it, actually, and absolutely love it.  The thicker lexan means that the wings last a lot longer, which is especially nice when you are getting pummeled by the Klingforth clan every weekend during club racing.  I honestly use the high downforce version almost 100% of the time, but the normal downforce version is really nice if I want just a touch more steering.  The one tip I have for trimming the wing is to use narrow paint masking tape, as sold by Tamiya (and a couple other brands.)  This will give you a really narrow straight line to use while trimming the wing down, which helps make them look a lot nicer. Touch the edges up with a dremel using the PF sanding tool and you are good to go.  The only other thing I always recommend with sedan wings is to use the endplates, preferably with a solid colour.  I like to use the included PF ones with a faux-carbon decal on them, but any colour works just fine.  I think that the fore/aft position of the endplates is a really fine-tuning option, and the solid colour will also provide a better visual tracking point for watching the rear of your car more than if the wing was clear.  If you want the car to be more stable, position the endplates further back. If you want more steering, move them forward.


Finally, I have an item that I don’t really ‘use’, persay, but I still think is awesome:

Protoform Heritage T-Shirt

This is a newer shirt that PF released that I think is awesome!  The old-school font just looks cool and the washed-out colour is a nice change from the normal solid black that most RC shirts have.  Not much else to say!