Practice Weekend at 5280 with Max K

Fellow VBC driver Max K came up to Denver at the end of July for a weekend of preparation for Worlds.  We just put new carpet down at 5280 Raceway, so it was the perfect time for testing for Worlds, especially since it sounds like that event will also be on brand new CRC carpet.  Both of us had practice programs figured out for the weekend covering a huge range of setup changes, so it was a great chance to really run through a number of different changes and further refine our base setups for Worlds.  After a couple thousand laps between us over the course of three days, I think we came away with the following ‘lessons learned’:

– When traction comes up, the L12 will hike on hard corners when running transverse.  I already knew this from previous races, but we used LGC for a good chunk of the weekend so the bite was much higher than I think it has been when just running SXT (more on this later.)

– The car remains a lot flatter when running inline, but I still prefer the feel of transverse.  I am going back to inline, though, just because I think it might be faster.  If that turns out to be true, I need to just stick with inline and figure out how to drive it!  The fastest car of the weekend was Max’s VBC running inline, and his fast lap was roughly three-tenths faster than mine with the VBC running transverse(!!)

–  With mod 12th I have always run whatever camber makes the tires wear flat and then either tried to gain/lose steering through other means.  I think I might change this methodology after some testing we tried, but more comparisons are needed.  With one-run tires this isn’t as big of a deal, so if I can get the front end of the car to stick by using more camber…why not?

– Blue rears with Blue fronts are still the ticket for mod 12th.  Magenta fronts are similar feeling, but lack a little bit of steering and consistency over eight minutes when compared to the Blue fronts.  I know other folks have been trying other tire combos (such as Green rears), but I just don’t think I can drive Green rears consistently enough for eight minutes.

– Probably the most important lesson we learned is that Max and I cannot drive the same setup.  He can hardly get my car around the track because he thinks it has so much steering (he has my time spent with Josh to thank for that!) and I think his car pushes off the track and feels super lazy!  Sharing setup information is difficult with him because of this, but I think we both benefit from the shared runtime and ‘racing’ we do when he comes up here.  I am looking forward to practicing with Max again if and when he comes up in September!

Now, the only ‘issue’ from this weekend is that a lot of folks at 5280 were not pleased with the groove that Max and I put down.  When everyone else came back for racing on Tuesday night after our weekend of practice, they realized that only having two mod 12th scales run for a weekend straight results in a pretty small groove!  On top of that, because Max and I were using LGC (additive for worlds), the groove came in really tacky and dark compared to the rest of the (very green) carpet.  Considering I had asked for permission from a number of folks to run LGC prior to that weekend and also considering that anyone else was more than welcome to come and run with us, and thus make the groove wider, it was rather hilarious to see the amount of complaining that happened when everyone else went to the track!  Unfortunately there are still a number of misinformed folks who have no idea what they are talking about and will insist that we had some sort of nefarious scheme for ruining the track, which is absolutely absurd.  The best of all, though, are the folks insisting that our spraying with LGC, which we did on two occasions with a very small amount of additive, is causing the carpet to fuzz.  Apparently they have all completely forgotten what happens with new carpet, especially if very few people have been running on it!

Overall, some minor drama, but I have faith that everyone will put down their pitchforks and realize that Max and I didn’t do anything wrong.  In the meantime, Max and I gained valuable knowledge for Worlds with an additive that many of the Euros haven’t run before.

Now, I will finish this post with some photos from the weekend.  Enjoy!

P1010720 P1010721 P1010723 P1010725 P1010728 P1010727  P1010726