Worlds Prep and Lightning 12 Tip

Well, Worlds is nearly here!

My prep is coming along, although I am nowhere near feeling comfortable about my form!  My driving has been getting a lot better over the past couple of weeks, but I still don’t feel comfortable and ready like I do during the normal carpet season.  It has been a pretty crazy summer, though, so I am not too surprised that I am feeling a little off of my game!  Little bit of drama earlier in the summer and now a whirlwind past two months with very little RC on the weekends means that I definitely feel a little under-prepared.  My driving improves with every hour at the track, though, so things are definitely looking up!  My personal life is also at an incredibly good place right now, which has really helped with my confidence and stability going into Worlds.  Weird how things work out sometimes, especially considering what things looked like earlier this year when my focus shifted away from RC almost completely for nearly three months straight at a time when I probably should have really been practicing a lot (May-July.)

All sorts of new goodies are also starting to roll in for Worlds, including shirts, parts, cars, batteries, tires, all sorts of stuff!  Very exciting, although it really does make it all hit home that this race is coming up very quickly.

I have two L12 chassis that I have been driving recently, one set up for transverse and one set up for inline.  Still trying to figure out which I will use for Worlds, but the one thing I know I need to do is move the speedo to the other side in my transverse car!  I tried putting it on the right side of the car because I am using the new KO RSX12 servo that mounts on the left side of the chassis (JR drilling), but the weight of the servo isn’t enough to keep the car balanced.  I was rushed, though, and just went with it.  Not good!

Max K and Brian Bodine (Team CRC) are here at 5280 for a couple days here at the end of this week and into the weekend.  Looking forward to running with both of them and seeing where I am in comparison!  Max ended up being pretty fast when he was here at the end of July, but we’ll see if he can hold it together this weekend!  Considering this will likely be his last carpet practice weekend before Worlds, I really hope it goes well for him so he has motivation and confidence going into the race and I don’t have to listen to him bitch and whine in the pits for three days straight.  Not worried about Brian.  He is in a position similar to mine and just looking to experience his first worlds (we are rooming together for 12th scale, even) so I am sure he will stay positive and have an awesome time!

Here is a random photo of the two cars!


And here is a random Lightning 12 tip.  I have heard from quite a few people that they have had trouble setting the center pivot when building the car, primarily because it mounts opposite from almost all other pivots (center pivot point is on main chassis, not pod.)  Most people are familiar with the setting process used by Robert Krenning in his On-Point 12th Scale Tips video on Youtube ( if you are unfamiliar).  However, since the pivot is opposite on the Lightning, Robert’s process where he holds the car by the front end so the pod is dangling and then slowly tightens the outside two pivot screws doesn’t really work.  All it will do is bind the pod and frustrate you.

My technique is very different.  Essentially, it works as follows:

1. Outside pivot screws should be loose, but center pivot screw should be tightened.  Links should be attached but free (not binding.)

2. Adjust pivot so it looks ‘straight’ while screws are attached but not fully tightened down.  Rotating the pod back and forth helps with this, and the pivot should still move around at this point.

3. Hold lower pod plate level with main chassis plate.  With your forefingers (can’t really see in the photo I have) hold the pivot in place.

4. Slowly tighten down outside pivot screws.  I do a quarter-turn per side until they are tight.

5. Fin!

The only trick is that this technique is difficult if the crossbrace and upper pod plate are attached since it is hard to fit your hand in the right place to hold the chassis plates level.  Still doable, but a little more difficult.  I would recommend tearing the car down a bit and just doing it this way, but I am also trying to find a ‘less destructive’ way to set the pivot that is 100% reliable!

Hopefully somebody out there finds this useful, and I will try to add some more content before Worlds arrives!