Sunday Racing at 5280 Raceway w/Images

Yesterday was club racing at 5280 Raceway.  Not a huge turnout due to snowfall in Denver, but still a great day of racing.  I had the chance to try out the D3 motor in my 12th vs. the LRP X20, which was fairly useful.  Traction was unfortunately rather low yesterday so lap times are incomparable to the previous weekend, but the car did feel easier to drive with the D3.  Spent most of the day running sedan and F1, both of which were less than ideal.  My sedan was not the greatest and was really difficult to drive after ~two minutes or so, at which point it became very loose and I would go sideways onto the straightaway (!).  Time to revert back a couple of changes and get it back to a good state, I think.

I have always loved racing F1 but have never been good at it, which is frustrating.  My car was a couple tenths off on Sunday and all I could really do was try to keep it clean and consistent while Art and Mario lapped me.  Annoying, but it does sound like we are going to implement driver and constructor points series for our F1 races at 5280, which should give me plenty of opportunity to work on car setup and get faster!

I took my camera with me to the track just to take some shots of my pit while I was down there.  I still can’t get over the lens that this camera has, which is why I keep taking depth-of-focus macro shots!  You can see how dirty the track is right now, unfortunately.  Lots of carpet fibres and foam dust.  New layout in a couple weeks though, which should help.