Wednesday Racing at Eplex

Here in Fort Collins we actually have a smaller carpet track, called Eplex.  A number of us typically race there on Wednesday nights and it is always a great time.  The smaller track means the lap times tend to be shorter and the racing tends to be very close.  Last night I just raced 13.5 12th (and flew my new little quad-copter between rounds) and had an absolute blast.  With some minor tweaks the car felt really good, and I TQ’d by over two laps and won the main by nearly three laps over second place (sorry Sam!)  Lots of fun, and I am looking forward to the racing next Wednesday!

In other exciting news it looks like I have finalized my sponsors for 2014!  Recent additions include KO Propo and LRP, both of whom I am incredibly excited to work with.

And now, some photos from last night.  Nothing crazy, but some photos of N beating the shit out of my MS6 body that he wanted to run instead of his GX.  He even ripped an endplate off the wing!  Revenge will be sweet, and he better hope he doesn’t lend me his body that Max.FX painted for him…