Updated D06 and L12 Setup Sheets from 5280 Raceway

We had Sunday racing yesterday at 5280 Raceway and I had the chance to put in some quality time with both my D06 and Lightning 12.  Both cars improved over the day (always good!) and I ended the day on a high with a couple good mod 12th runs.  As you might expect, I am back to the LRP 4.0t X20!

Anyway, these setup sheets are very close to the ones I have posted previously, but have some very slight changes that I think have really helped the cars out.  The D06 has a bit more steering now but is still really stable, while the L12 is now a lot easier to drive but with plenty of steering for my liking.  I still would like a bit more on-power steering with the D06, but without making it edgy.  Things to work on, I suppose.