Iceland 2014

I recently visited Iceland for the second time, this time at the end of January.  My first visit to Iceland was in July and it was an absolutely incredible mix of spectacular scenery, friendly people, and blissful silence.  I absolutely adore the country, and was very excited for a second visit to try and see the Aurora Borealis.  Unfortunately we chose a less-than-ideal month, as September and March tend to be the better times of year for aurora activity.  Also contributing to the less-than-spectacular viewing was the pretty dense cloud cover, but we still managed to see the Northern Lights on two of the nights we were there.  I had never taken photos of the night sky before, so it was an interesting experience!  It was so dark, even with the aurora, that I couldn’t see the horizon to make the shot level.  I wanted to try and use the built-in level function in my camera, but with the temperatures and limited time to take photos my priorities were a  little skewed!

Even with relatively poor viewing (and poor weather on the whole, due to rain and cloud cover) I still had another great time in Iceland and look forward to visiting again to explore the Western/Northern coasts.  I have now been to the South-central coast twice, so much of our time was spent re-visiting places that we visited over the summer, unfortunately.  Not much else we could have done due to the location of our hotel/lodge, but I always appreciate new scenery!

Photography was also rather difficult this trip, since lighting was very limited and ‘dull’ due to the pervasive cloud cover.  It was very difficult to take black and white shots that didn’t look incredibly dull and dreary, and the same translated to colour images.  I found myself trying to over-expose everything just to try and make it look not quite as dreary.  One of those things where the colours look very interesting in real-life but are hard to capture on (digital) film.  Oh well, more time spent taking photos will always provide opportunities for me to learn!

On that note, here is a short gallery from the trip!