Sponsor Focus – LRP

LRP has been one of my sponsors since the beginning of 2014, so I thought it would be good to spend some time discussing what LRP products I use and how I have them installed/configured!

For Worlds last fall I used LRP for my ESCs, batteries, and motors.  Specifically, I used the following products:

– LRP Flow Works Team ESC (LRP# 80970)

– LRP 6600 1s (LRP# 430212)

– LRP 6000 2s (LRP# 430211)

– LRP X20 4.0T motor (1/12) (LRP# 50704)

– LRP X20 4.5T motor (1/10) (LRP# 50694)

– LRP 12.0 mm rotor (both 1/12 and 1/10) (LRP# 50636)

And then I also use the LRP Pulsar Touch Charger (LRP# 41556) with the LRP 20A Power Supply (LRP# 43200.)  I think this charger and power supply are a great combo – super reliable and very accurate.  One of the best LRP products I use, though, is the LRP soldering station (LRP# 65800) which is crazy good – heats up quickly and works really well!

I have started using some different motors since Worlds last fall, but I continue to use LRP for my ESC and batteries.  The only thing that has changed on the battery front (for me) is that I am now using the latest LRP 1s pack, which is a 7500 instead of the previous 6600.  This new 1s pack is LRP# 430224.  There are also some new 2s packs out that I need to try, but I haven’t had a chance to do so yet.  I am really intrigued by the LGC packs, since they have a lower CG and more than enough capacity for mod.  I know LRP also makes some really good stock spec packs that have a really good discharge curve, but I don’t really feel that is necessary for mod racing these days since we are already so grip-limited with sedan, even on carpet.  LRP also makes a great 5200 pack that is cheap and great for stock practice or mod racing (LRP# 430205.)

As I have discussed previously, I also tend to use the 12.0 mm rotor with the LRP X20 mod motors since it tames the low end and makes the motors a lot easier to drive.  I do think they can make the car too soft, though, so I have been trying to find a good middle ground.  That can be done with speedo settings, such as by increasing Initial Drive or reducing Torque Timing, or you can look at gearing.

In all of my cars I also use the stock capacitor.  I am planning on trying the WT capacitor, but honestly just haven’t found a reason too yet!

Now, let’s take a look at each car in-detail…

1/10 Sedan

Here is a photo of my sedan with the LRP 6000 2s pack installed:


You can see that I install the pack with the bullets to the rear of the car.  This puts more weight on the front of the car, which calms it down in higher traction and makes the car a bit easier to drive.  I would really recommend doing this with any sedan, but especially with mod sedan on high-bite carpet.

I use the LRP Flow Works Team with sedan, and here is a photo of mine installed:


You will notice that I use an aftermarket fan (Roche.)  This is primarily just because I think the stock LRP fan is a bit weak for outdoor racing in higher temperatures.  Even with this Roche fan I think the speedo can get to 185 or 190 F if it is a run in the middle of the day!  Jurgen and Ales from LRP assured me that this is no issue, though, and the speedo can handle much higher than that.  I also tend to mount the motor fan between the speedo and the motor, rather than on the other side of the motor to the rear of the car.  I do this mainly just because it looks cleaner and helps ensure I don’t accidentally get a fan wire snagged in my pinion/spur.  The motor will run a bit hotter in this configuration, though, since it is blowing hot air from the speedo over the motor.  Not a huge issue in mod since the motors don’t run super hot, but definitely something to think about in stock racing.

Here is a setup sheet from my LRP Flow WT in modified sedan when running indoors on high-bite carpet:  FlowV4.7_HillierC_ModSedan_MHIC

And here is a setup sheet from my LRP Flow WT in modified sedan outdoors on asphalt:  FlowV4.7_HillierC_ModSedan_MHOR

Modified 1/12

With my modified 1/12 I use both the LRP Flow WT and the LRP 7500 1s pack.  I do use the Laje booster with the Flow WT in my modified car, as I found that while the Flow will work just fine with 1s without the booster, if I ran a more powerful rotor the car would sometimes have issues late in the run when the pack was getting low on voltage and I would accelerate out of corners (high amp draw.)  I just mount this booster on the side of the ESC, as you can see in the below image:


The TOP Rebel 12 balances pretty well with the layout below, although you will likely need some weight right in the middle under the center shock just to bring it up to the 730g minimum.  I also need to re-wire my modified car and put some longer wires on for the motor, just in case I want to increase pod droop.  Right now the wires are the correct length for the LRP motor, but are a bit too short for the Motiv motor.  I also don’t run a fan on my Flow WT in modified 1/12, as the speedo typically only comes off at 175 or 180 at the end of an eight minute run.  I am planning on experimenting with using a fan, though, just to see if it means I get a more consistent throttle feel throughout the run with less fade.  We will see!



Here is a setup sheet for my Flow WT in modified 1/12 on high-bite carpet: FlowV4.7_HillierC_Mod12_MHIC

13.5 1/12

In 13.5 1/12 I have found that I don’t need to run a booster with the LRP Flow WT, as the amp draw is never enough to cause glitching or weird surging issues like I have sometimes encountered in mod.  I do wonder whether you might see a little less fade towards the end of a run if using a booster, but I haven’t had a chance to try it back to back.  With the above in mind, my 13.5 1/12 looks very similar to my modified 1/12, just without the Laje booster!


I have a slightly different layout on the left side of the car just because my capacitor didn’t have enough wire to bring it all the way to the side of the car like I have done with my modified 1/12.  Otherwise, though, the layout is very similar.  I use the LRP 7500 1s pack in 13.5 1/12 as well, and I think this pack provides plenty of power and runtime with very little fade!


Here is a setup sheet for the LRP Flow WT for 13.5 1/12 on high-bite carpet: FlowV4.7_HillierC_135_12_5280

I hope this has provided some insight into the LRP products I use as well as the setups I use with my actual cars.  Huge thanks to LRP for all of their support over the past two years!