Lots of 12th tires and a destroyed VTA body

Similar to many on-road racers here in the US, I am currently in the midst of preparing for the 2014 ROAR Carpet Nationals, which are being held in Omaha, NE this year.  As such, I spent two days of the past long weekend down at 5280 trying to finalize my starting setups for the L12 and D06.  End results are mixed, but overall I feel pretty good going into Nats.  I think my L12 is good right now and it will just be a matter of getting used to the track feel at Nats along with some maybe some minor spring and damper tube changes.  Unfortunately, I am not as confident about my sedan preparation.  The belts are really worn on my D06 which, when combined with DCJs needing to be rebuilt, made for a car that was just straight up unhealthy.  I also had some traction rolling issues that have me worried about higher traction at Nats, but that is a pretty commonplace concern before any big race.  I am going to rebuild both cars here over the next couple of days and all will be good for Nats.

K (my girlfriend) actually came with me to 5280 this past weekend and spent the day driving an older T3 2011 that I set up as a VTA car.  She had a ton of fun, although the car was definitely trying to get a time-out by the end of the day.  I was impressed to see that she dropped her fast lap by over seven seconds over the course of the day, though!

Now, as with any big race, tire choice for 12th scale is a heated subject.  For nats I am actually taking a LOT of tires.  From my arrival on Wednesday evening, I believe I will have (potentially) nine full runs for the race, along with any practice time.  As such, I am taking enough tires for one-runs from both Pro-One and Ulti.  This means I have nine pairs of Ulti X-H fronts with nine pairs of Ulti X-M rears, along with nine pairs of Pro-One Magenta fronts with nine pairs of Pro-One Blue rears.  18 full sets right there, and I haven’t even started on the extra tires I am taking to try out.  Lots of spare rears and fronts to try.  I have really liked the Ultis recently at 5280, but I have some different fronts to try with Pro-One that might help sway my decision.  We will see.  All I know is that I spent a lot of time on Tuesday evening truing tires!

P1000956 P1000993 P1000997